Book Review: The Shepherd’s Crown

I will confess to feeling a quiet thrum of joy when I heard, after Terry Pratchett’s passing, that there would be a final Discworld book, and it would be about Tiffany Aching.  (It is now no secret to Droids’ readership that she’s kind of my fave.)

shepherds-crown-coverWhile I Shall Wear Midnight serves as a nice way to end things for Tiffany – she faces her greatest challenge yet, takes on her own steading at the Chalk, and the Feegles remain as boisterous as ever – it did end a little on the open side.  Tiffany remains a Witch of the Chalk, but a witch’s work is never done.  There will always be more challenges, more adventures, more people in need of help that others cannot provide.  So news of another Tiffany Aching book didn’t feel forced.

Read the rest at Paper Droids.


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